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Moral Ambiguity


The title of this article is almost a dichotomy.  In our society we find those who ‘because they love the praise of man’ [John 12:43] twist and squirm in their assessment of what is the definition of morality.

When truth becomes relative and ‘God’ is whatever you make Him to be you create a deity for yourself that comforts you and affirms whatever lifestyle or activity that pleases yourself.

The truth of the matter is that Scripture clearly states that a person who is a friend of the world cannot be a friend of God.[ James 4:4]

There is no such thing as moral relativism. Morality in itself is based on a set of laws, rules, or standards of conduct. Where people come to blows with each other is over each other’s belief systems and the source of each individuals’ author of their particular moral code. For most they have no idea why they believe what they believe. Some it was simply tradition that's roots are familia. To others strongly based moral standard of conduct is based on spiritual conviction.

In a world where morality is becoming old fashioned and those who defend it are harshly condemned the Christians ‘Light’ shines even brighter. Christians moral values are based on the Eternal Word of God. The passing of time does not erode, water down, or denigrate values that are based on something Eternal! Those who do not understand this will say that the Christian must change with the times or show the love of Jesus by accepting what the Eternal Word of God clearly calls sin. They forget that the same Jesus who said ‘Neither do I condemn thee’ also said ‘go and sin no more’.

One may spend large amounts of time trying to argue for Christian ‘values’ but alas to no avail. As we look at Romans 1:26 we see because people refuse to retain a knowledge of God or glorify Him as God He simply gave them up. What does this Scripture mean? Man left to his own devices with destroy himself. It is the restraining hand of God on society as a whole that keeps it from complete destruction. One may ignore God’s Word the Bible but do so at their own peril. To be ‘given up by God’ is a fearful thing. This path will separate you totally from His protection, His provision, and His presence.

Jesus Christ has come to give life and that more abundantly. To choose a path of destruction is foolish. By submitting to God in obedience not only do we experience peace in living but also enjoy His protection. Look to Jesus my friend! In Him you will find what your heart longs for!



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